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What You Need to Know About Wilderness International

The non-profit Christian organization called Wilderness International is a unique conservation group that combines environmental advocacy and the dedication to the Christian belief. Even though the organization is considered young (formed in 2005), it now has increased its membership and coverage. Wilderness International first formed in the U.S. but has recently expanded its operations to include neighboring Canada. According to the organization, the idea behind its formation is “to encourage everyone to care for, experience, and enjoy God’s amazing creation.”

Source of Funding

Pretty much like other non-profit organizations dedicated to conserving the planet through various advocacies, Wilderness International sources its funds from different entities, including but not limited to government grants, donations from members, and sponsorships from other organizations.
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Different Projects
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Currently, Wilderness International manages and participates in five distinct projects. These are Community Conservation, Outdoor Adventures, At-Risk Youth Development, Community Environmental Education, and Church and Community Partnerships. Anyway, it is Community Conservation which the organization is largely known for. The project as a whole includes a wide range of community-based projects targeting conservation efforts.

Because Oregon is the group’s birthplace, it’s no surprise that majority of the programs under the Community Conservation project are located there. One example is in Gladstone, where the group manages Meldrum Bar Park, the highlight of which is the wetland areas that are home to a wide range of birds, fish, small mammals, and reptiles; the park became the host of several activities for the community members.

Starting in 2009, Wilderness International upped its efforts in community conservation by establishing a Native Habitat Demonstration Garden, in the process restoring an 11-acre tract previously named as a natural area. The fact is in seven years and running, the project has remained as the group’s main focus.


As of this posting, there are several goals Wilderness International is trying to achieve in its Conservation Project. One of those goals is to increase the awareness in the community with regards to the advantages of having and living in a healthier ecosystem. Another goal is the improvement of natural habitat as well as watershed health using a process called invasive plant removal to replace plants with native vegetation.

Moreover, Wilderness International also wants to be a major player in building infrastructure; however, it isn’t for the usual objective of improving industries. The infrastructure in this sense is intended for protecting and safeguarding natural habitats and it should include stuff like building trails and protective fencing.

Finally, the organization is currently working very hard to be able to contribute to raising awareness and in the process wants to provide food and shelter to native wildlife populations, especially those that are heavily threatened by industries. In the modern world where everyone seems to not care about the maintenance and conservation of the planet, groups like Wilderness International deserve a pat in the back.