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Important Points You Must Know About Splitting Axes

Splitting maul or otherwise known as block splitter, block buster, go-devil or sledge axe is a long-handled, heavy axe that is used to split pieces of wood along its grain. One part of its head is similar to a sledgehammer while the other part is like an axe.

A typical maul used for wood splitting has a head that weighs around 4 kilos or 8 pounds. Conventionally, mauls have wedge shaped head but some of the contemporary versions have swiveling sub-wedges or conical heads. The original mauls are more like an axe but with a broader head. This tool is a lot better to use than a typical axe in terms of splitting wood. The weight brings in more benefit because of the width, it is less likely to be stuck in wood.

The wedge section of maul head ought to be slightly convex slightly to be able to avoid jamming and it could not have elongated hollow ground concave section that cutting axe may use. Not like an axe, the maul handles are typically straight and is closer to round compared to the elongated oval axe handles. The maul’s handle not like an axe is used intentionally for swinging and levering. Most of the time, the handles are made out of hickory though, the handles of synthetic fiberglass are more common. The plastic handles are also harder to break and the factory attached heads are less likely to work free with the maul’s levering action.
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With the separate wedge and large hammer, splitting may be done as well. This lets several wedges to be used and allow bigger logs to be split in half. In an effort to avoid mushrooming on the head of wedge, they’re driven with heavy wooden mallet instead of an iron hammer. The word maul means, a tool with a heavy wooden head in several parts of England.
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Hydraulic log splitters are more commonly used today and may either be vertical or horizontal. As a matter of fact, the hammer side of maul is used often in wood splitting and when combined with splitting wedge, it drives the wedge to the wood in same fashion as maul itself. Generally, this is used when trying to split logs with a big diameter. The modern mauls are made from strong steel that is capable of withstanding metal to metal contact without causing chips to it.

On the other hand, it’s still common for the wedge to chip off. This may be dangerous since flying chips of steel may possibly damage the eye and also a common scenario where the handle of maul breaks. The wedge is a minute target in comparison to a whole log and may be overshot, which is the reason.