• Iranian Automotive Industry, Forecast To 2022 Industry Investigation
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    Iranian Automotive Industry, Forecast To 2022 Industry Investigation

    Iran automotive industryInternational trade credit insurer Coface says international sanctions have been limiting the development of Iran’s automotive sector which was previously the largest automobile producer in the Middle East. Several national brands exist, such as Iran Khodro, SAIPA, Pars Khodro, Kerman Khodro, and Bahman that produce a assortment of diverse models (such as Samand, Tiba, Dena, and so forth). IKCO and SAIPA are the most significant automotive producers and with each other own a lot more than 79% of the total market share. Executives at Iran Khodro, the country’s top auto producer, and at other manufacturers declined requests to be interviewed for this report. But they complained that sanctions targeting the auto sector hurt only the Iranian folks, citing the 700,000 Iranians — some 4 percent of the workforce — who operate in the auto industry.

    In conclusion Iran has a properly-established automotive sector with a excellent possible market. Foreign Investment and technology transfer can boost the business. Employment concerns is a very good sign that the business can take pleasure in government’s protection. The query is that if domestic firms can come to terms with unpleasant past experience with their foreign partners and start off a lengthy-term new partnership.

    According to Industries Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari, the auto business has a three.5-4% share in Iran’s GDP and 12% of the Iranian workforce is employed in the crucial sector. The annual turnover of the auto market is $12 billion. Salami, G. E. (2004). The State in the Auto Sector: A Comparative Analysis between Iran, South Korea and Germany. Tehran: University of Tehran (unpublished dissertation).

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    iran automotive market shareThe 5th Iran Automotive Sector International Conference (IAIIC) opened in Tehran on Tuesday in a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Shariatmadari. Throughout reconstruction following the eight-year war, the automotive industry was pivotal in addressing unemployment and other economic challenges. Manufacturing quotas and industry protections helped rebuild the automobile industry in the early 1990s by encouraging local production of parts and prohibiting the import of totally assembled vehicles. Domestic development in production proved to be an arduous procedure slowed by infantile technologies and restricted manufacturing capabilities. In response, Iran’s two biggest producers, Iran-Khodro and SAIPA, established relations with multinational firms Kia and Peugeot. The agreements permitted Iranian firms to swiftly enhance their technological capabilities by means of reverse engineering and technologies licensing. Meanwhile, … Read More