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Dr. Xu Heyi, chairman and secretary of Party Committee, Beijing Automotive Group, and Roland Krueger of Infinity Motor Company at the inaugural session. It’s raised the common selling worth for Changan-badge vehicles by about 10 percent per year since 2008, at the same time as more discounting leads business margins to contract, in response to Xu. In November 1862, Li Hongzhang (1823-1901), a Chinese politician, normal, and diplomat, based China’s first western style engineering firm and first state-owned enterprise, and the beginnings of what has turn out to be Changan Automobile. Over the previous six years, Changan has contributed practically eighty million yuan to the Technology Camp which educates kids concerning the auto trade and its latest applied sciences. It is affiliated to China South Industries G…roup Corporation, among the many first camp of Chinese automotive industry. Regional enterprise and civic leaders have been in formal discussions with Changan for some time.

These activities raised the reputation of Changan in Italy and in Europe; we really imagine, therefore, that the representative office operates very nicely as a window in selling Changan to step out from China to the whole world. These two components signify Changan’s newest achievement of innovation in … Read More