Always Something Up your Sleeve

Always Something Up your Sleeve

Have you just bought a new motorcycle? How nice! You certainly can’t wait to hit the streets soon. The wind in your hair, the sun on your head. Never again having to cycle your legs to catch that one train. How delicious is that? You can finally leave home peacefully and stay in bed for five minutes longer. It’s only five minutes, but often those five minutes are just enough. You can use those five minutes to spread your bread or to wake up in your bed. How delicious is that? You will certainly be happy with it.

Locks can’t break easily

When you have purchased a motorcycle, it is always important to buy a lock immediately upon purchase. It is otherwise made much too easy for people to take your motorcycle with them. As logical as it may sound, some forget this. Of course you don’t want that. A motorcycle already costs enough money. Let alone that you have to buy a new one after two weeks, because yours is closed.

Better well insured than badly stolen

When you buy a motorcycle, it is always important to insure your motorcycle immediately. When the motorcycle is stolen, you will not regret later that you have not insured your motorcycle. It would be a shame if you had to tap exactly the same amount twice, while you only get one engine for it. To prevent this, it is best to insure your motorcycle immediately after purchase. That way you take it for sure.

Just add some parts

If your engine is broken, you will have to have it repaired. You often need oem motorcycle parts. For oem motorcycle parts, when they become scarce, it can cost you a lot of money. It is therefore wise to purchase oem motorcycle parts when …

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