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Auto industry competitive analysisTesla has established itself as the king of electric vehicle manufacturing, with their vehicles established to be the best-of-the-line. Present Vietnamese duties of 60 percent will be eliminated by 2018 for automobiles imported from inside the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Met Arias, chairman of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association and managing director of Ford’s unit in the country, mentioned in an interview October 23. Without a key components business, vehicle production charges are greater than elsewhere in the area because of taxes on imported components, he stated.

Following the Second World War , the Canadian automotive market rebounded spectacularly, as pent-up consumer demand, population growth and postwar prosperity fuelled sales, whilst government policies encouraged consumer spending and car-oriented suburbanization. By the mid-1950s, Canada’s industry was booming, with new plants and facilities, improved employment and a return to export sales as Canadian companies took benefit of the truth that European makers had been still recovering from the war.

As a result, the modern automotive market began in Canada when Gordon M. McGregor of Windsor formed the Ford Motor Firm of Canada, Ltd. (1904), by striking a deal with Henry Ford, the promoter and inventor, only a year soon after the latter had begun production in Detroit. Canadian Fords have been assembled at the Walkerville Wagon Works, as components had been ferried by wagonload across the Detroit River. Canadian Fords were soon being shipped to most regions in the far-flung British Empire. Eventually, the firm would prosper with the introduction of the popular Model-T — the 1st really effective mass production automobile and the vehicle that put the world on wheels. Ford of Canada became hugely successful overseas as effectively as at house.

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