Automotive Recycling Association Past President Mike Swift

Automotive Recycling Association Past President Mike Swift

Craft automotive recycling industry paMy name is Amber (Elenbaas) Kendrick, and I’m a third generation automotive recycler. SMMT, on behalf of the business, made an agreement with Autogreen to supply ELV producer duty for orphan automobiles – those brands that are no longer commercially active, eg where the original manufacturer or importer has ceased trading. To use this service please go to This signifies the complete automobile and LCV parc is covered by the ELV Directive and customers can very easily dispose of their vehicles in a no-price, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

According to the Automotive Recycling Association, 95% of cars that are retired from use are processed for recycling in some form. This has a large effect on the automotive market due to the fact the recycling of these autos saves about 85 million barrels of oil that would normally be utilized in the manufacturing of new automotive components. This also aids lessen the quantity of power necessary to harvest oil and processing new goods.

As plastics continue to be a material of option for cars due to their weight variations and other power-effective benefits, we are thrilled to play a top function with SPI in a system and will continue to explore the benefits of recycling plastic automotive parts,” mentioned Michael E. Wilson, the CEO of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).

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automotive recycling industryIn addition to conserving organic resources, automotive recycling plays an crucial function in minimizing air and water pollution, and solid waste generation. Automotive recyclers are a worthwhile supply for economical and often tough to discover utilized motor vehicle replacement parts. Professional auto recyclers use laptop and satellite communication systems that allow for direct inventory assessment as nicely as find components across town …

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