Auto Business Worried Over Reopening Border To Employed Automobiles From US Mexico Automotive Industry

Auto Business Worried Over Reopening Border To Employed Automobiles From US Mexico Automotive Industry

Mexico auto industry 2017MEXICO CITY—By attacking the North American Free Trade Agreement, promising a U.S.-Mexico border wall and embracing protectionist policies, President Trump has managed to dent Mexico’s auto industry more than the final year. The Meineke Automobile Care and Econo Lube Co-Brand opportunity combines nearly 80 years of automotive and franchise leadership and practically 1,100 locations, delivering the ultimate company program in today’s automotive aftermarket. With the capacity to provide a quickly and convenient swift lube service and complete auto care, our co-brand centers are capable to meet and exceed the expectation of today’s consumers.

In light of this, it was foreseen (in a pre-Trump situation) that Mexican auto assembly capacity will much more than double in size in between 2010 and 2020. But US capacity will also grow 13 % to 14.2 million vehicles in the identical period. Therefore, in direct contrast to much prevailing opinion, the Center for Automotive analysis concluded that the US is not but losing substantial existing production to Mexico, but rather it is missing out on the incremental development and investment from carmakers and suppliers.

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mexico automotive industry newsBenefits of Nearshoring in Mexico, Key Highlights and 2016 Market Overview. Certainly, Trump won the presidential election partly thanks to a surprisingly robust outcome in the Rust Belt states, which have a high share of employment in the automotive industry. Combine this with Trump’s clear fondness for manufacturing industries, and his ( rather dubious ) conviction that renegotiating trade offers will bring back” hugely-paid skilled jobs, then it is clear that the automotive sector will be a key region of contention in between the USA and Mexico.

Contrary to production (largely driven by export prospects), automotive registration numbers have been weak. In 2017, vehicle registration shrunk by 4.6% year-on-year, …

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