An Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design. Chapter 16. Future Trends In Automobile Design (2)

In contemplating future potentialities in vehicle design, the authors examine electrical and mechanical developments separately, although mixed in observe. Given that this future state assumes most drivers nonetheless choose proudly owning their own autos, individuals seek the driverless performance for its safety and different potential benefits but continue to personal vehicles for many of the similar reasons they did before the advent of autonomous drive.

It is obvious from the traits that the automotive business is about to see a profound change with a deal with enhancing the manufacturing capabilities, ramping up the technological features utilizing IoT alternatives and adapting superior intelligent materials.

In this future state, as the fee per mile decreases, some come to view ridesharing as a extra economical, handy, and sustainable way to get round, particularly for brief point-to-level actions (see beneath for our evaluation of the economics of mobility).

A current analysis from McKinsey on the future of world automotive trade suggests, that the worldwide automotive business is about to enter a period of large-ranging and transformative change, as sales continue to shift and environmental regulations tighten.

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