Top 3 Trends For The Auto Industry In 2014

Over the final century, the auto industry has put greater than 1 billion vehicles on the world’s roadways—and continues to add more. The numerous trends within the automotive business illustrate the adaptability and ingenuity of automakers and the changing priorities of automotive shoppers. In the auto trade, researchers analyze market developments, client surveys, and buying patterns to determine what consumers need, and then counsel what sorts of vehicles to make. These traits even provide insight into the way forward for this industry, which will likely embody various fuels, automated driving options, and safer autos. The assembly line will be the single greatest growth in the auto industry, sparking a trend toward mass-produced autos that may continue through immediately.

Emerging Nations: Perhaps the most important downward macroeconomic drive in the auto industry at present is the underperformance of emerging markets, which not too long ago represented a significant alternative for main positive factors within the international auto sector.

European Union (E.U.): Sales have improved in the European Union since the monetary downturn, however the E.U. auto trade is held hostage by local economies that are teetering on the edge of recession. However, expertise is still transferring at an ideal pace and microelectronics seems fully integrated sooner or later cars and may develop into as commonplace as radios as soon as have been. As regards the car business, any part or a brand new element for its full improvement might take a long time.

There is substantial potential in Indian exports of technical textiles and home-textiles, as most European companies want to set up services near-by the rising markets, corresponding to China and India. In the late Seventies, computer systems started to play an essential function within the automotive trade.

This title looks at the place the automotive industry is headed and is based on many discussions and interviews with the highest administration of leading automotive original gear manufacturers (OEMs) and an analysis of data from the highest world OEMs.